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County Tuckpointing and Chimney Repair has been serving the St. Charles and surrounding areas since 1990.


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Our Services


We will repair and clean your broken chimney.

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Residential Tuckpointing

Brick restoration for your home.


Restoration cleaning to get the black dark carbon off the bricks.

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Commercial Tuckpointing

Brick restoration for your business.


The primary cause in damage to chimneys is moisture. Because a chimney is above the roof, it is exposed to every drop of rain and every flake of snow. Over time, this moisture builds up and seeps out. This is what causes most chimney damage. Mortar joints begin to fail, brick faces break apart, the concrete cap begins to crack. This damage then allows moisture directly into the inside of the chimney and from there into the walls of the building. Once in the walls of the building, bulges and cracks appear as a result of the moisture moving through the wall. The more moisture that is present and the longer the conditions exist, the more extensive the damage.

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1. Inspection

To give you an accurate estimate on your maintenance or repairs, we start with a thorough inspection.

2. Estimate

We create an estimate to reflect the time and resources needed to make the repairs and turnaround time for completion.

3. Repairs

We will schedule in your repairs or maintenance based on the needs of the job. No job too large. No job too small.

4. Review

Once all repairs are complete, we will walk you through the finished work and point out any issues that may need future repair.



We go the extra mile

Tuckpointing and masonry repair are our specialties. Most people do not realize how important the condition of their chimney can be in preventing problems with the rest of the building, especially in older or historic buildings.

Often, damage to the chimney can lead to damage inside the building such as leaks/water damage or damage to interior brickwork and fireplaces. From there, the damage can spread to floors and stairways causing sags or dips in the walking surface, misalignment of door frames, and window frames making them difficult to open or close.


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